Monday, September 22, 2008

Who comes up with this stuff?

When I first get up after laying down for a while, it feels like I'm having to stretch my skin out. It is such a weird feeling. Having never been pregnant, I've never had my stomach stretch to cover the expansion of a growing baby, so this is a bit freaky.

And I wonder, who thought that staples or now they have glue they can use to sew people up, would be a good idea. And did they ask permission first or was it a necessity kind of thing. "Oh no, no more sutures! Grab me the stapler, we'll make do." Then how did they explain it to the patient. "Yeah, you were almost a goner because we ran out of thread and you opening was so large, we decided to try something unconventional, but whatever you do, don't try to remove these with the normal staple remover." Really, who comes up with these things?

I slept on my right side part of Saturday night, so now, I have a bruise right above the right side of my staples. GROSS!

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