Monday, September 15, 2008

Preparing for Surgery

Thursday, I'm going to be having major surgery. I'm 38 and am having a partial hysterectomy. I'll be keeping my left ovary in the hopes of preventing my need of HRT. My mom and aunt (her sister) both got on HRT after having full hysterectomies and both got breast mom's was worst -- Stage III on it's way to IV. My Mammaw, their mother, had an ovary left when they did her hysterectomy but didn't take HRT (because it wasn't available then), and she didn't get breast cancer. I have made the decision not to do HRT (Hormone Replacement Therapy). SO, I'm 38 and am having to have a partial hysterectomy removing my cervix, uterus plus fibroid, and right ovary plus cyst or endometriosis, and since I didn't give birth to my beautiful 2 children, my uterus is too high to do the surgery laproscopically. I'll get to have a bikini cut...yea, me. I'm not particularly attached or should I say fond of my uterus, since it never really did me much good or serve its intended purpose. I had prepared myself for its removal, but when she said the right ovary had to go and she would have to cut me, it caught me a little off-guard. I'm okay with it now.

So, now I'm trying to prepare my family the best I can. I've gone to the grocery store and bought 2-3 weeks worth of food. I've made arrangements for the kids for the days following my surgery and the pick ups from school the weeks following my surgery when I can't drive. I've made arrangements for some girlfriends to come the weekend following my surgery to help with the kids and house. My housekeeper comes that Friday too. I've contacted Erin's teacher to let her know the arrangements, and my friends who have offered to bring food the week following the surgery have their assigned days...gotta love livin' in the South. The bills are paid, and right now I can't think of anything that is left undone.

And after doing all this, I wonder what my husband would do if he was having major surgery. How would he prepare for us to handle things while he was down? Would he even think to do it?
That reminds me, I need to write letters to my kids. I write letters to my kids when I go on big trips or have something on my heart in case I'm not around later (I know it's morbid, but I want to have a voice in their lives regardless.). Anyway, back to Patrick, I just wonder what he or any other man would do?

I don't even know that anyone will notice or appreciate all the work I've done before my surgery. Sometimes we take for granted how effective and efficient people in our lives are.

I'm so grateful for my girlfriends. Those who have been through this type of surgery. Those who haven't but are willing to pitch in and stand in the gap for me. I'm so grateful for my family and my children's grandparents who are willing to take my kids and love on them while I recover some.

This time two weeks from now, I expect to feel a bit better.


Michelle said...

Hey Kristy! I know that it's been forever since we've seen each other, but I get updates of your life periodically through Lori or my Aunt Madge.

I will definitely be lifting you up in my prayers for your upcoming surgery on Thursday.

I've enjoyed reading your blog entries and learning more about your children and what has been happening in your life. Take care!!

KMTM1970 said...

Hey, Michelle,

Thanks, prayer works wonders. I see your mom sometimes at Sunday lunch, and we play catch up. I'm envious of them being in ALASKA! I think it's wonderful.