Monday, September 22, 2008

I Feel It Coming On

I was wondering how long it would take for me to get bored with this. It's 10:12 PM, and it has hit. I'm not normally up this late, and trust me, this is late for me. I took a shower this morning and dried my hair then went to bed...exhausted. My appetite is coming back, and the Loritab isn't kicking my behind like I thought it would. I only take it at night, and I took an Aleve this morning. What all this means is that I'll probably do something stupid tomorrow. Fortunately, I have a doctor's appointment on Wednesday morning, so that will get me out of the house, and I have a friend delivering a meal tomorrow, and my son returns home tomorrow. He is guaranteed to wear me out.

Thankfully, I have a couple of girlfriends coming this weekend, and they are sure to keep things light and keep my spirits high.

I am so thankful for good girlfriends! I love my girlfriends.

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Leebird said...

Am I one of those girlfriends? I promise not to make you laugh too hard so you don't pop a staple! :)

I'm ready to see you. I need to just look at your face and "just be."

Life has been kicking me in the butt these past few days. I think I scared my husband yesterday, cuz I had a little "crazy chick" moment.