Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The Thief of Joy

Yesterday, I finished my blog about joy among other topics, and Satan didn't wait long to try to take my focus of the source of joy. My husband had a friend who told him he could have some product at his camp house, and my husband and his partner went down to pick it up. As they were picking up the sample, the deputies arrived and said they were arresting them for theft and the my husband's "friend" was going to press charges for the misdemeanor. The "friend" of numerous years whom we helped get on his feet after a devestating fire and no insurance, the "friend" who was in our wedding 14 years ago, and Patrick was in the "friend's" wedding a few years ago really has a beef with Patrick's brother but instead of dealing with Phillip has continually put my husband in the middle of it. My husband felt he could still be friends with him even though the "friend" was having difficulties with Phillip. It broke my husband's heart, a sucker punch to the gut. The "friend's" wife is also our 4 year-old's teacher at school.

But God's timing is perfect as always. The quiet time today was about God being our defender and forgiving. My husband was raised to be vendictive and to hold onto grudges. This is going to be a big step for him to allow God to handle the situation instead of taking revenge himself. I have assured his the God's vengence and discipline is better than anything that Patrick could dole out.

It was a stressful night around here, but the light of day brings a new perspective, and while things didn't get better overnight, I reminded him that God's timing is perfect. We are to conduct ourselves in a godly fashion regardless of how others behave. I have no doubt it will all get straightened out and the misdemeanor will be dismissed.

Satan will use anything he can to distract us from seeking God and having joy.

Words are easy to say. Like I said the book is very simply stated and easy to read and understand, it's the living it, the applying it that is the difficult part.


Leebird said...

For heaven's sake....I feel so badly for Patrick (and you). I have experienced the pain of being betrayed by someone I thought was my friend, and it just plain ol' hurts. I'll be praying even more specifically now that I know what happened. Sigh. It is kind of "funny" certainly not ha-ha, but ironic, that God tends to give us little tests on new spiritual concepts we are learning or trying to strengthen...that's for sure!

Love you..and I'm here if you need to talk....I've been doing all the needing if you need me...I'll gladly return the favor. Love you.

Laura said...

I'm so sorry for the pain this betrayal has caused. The Lord is the God of all comfort, and He will deal with this. I understand what it feels like to want vindication (just remember that verse about how being nice to your enemy is like heaping hot coals on his head!). I'm praying for you guys.