Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Preparing for the future

Preparing for the future in today's financial market is like gambling and throwing good money after bad. The best we can do is to live debt free as much as possible. But the future I'm referring to is the one God has given to me. I first became aware of it in 2005 when I was having lunch with someone who was miserable in her job, and He impressed upon my heart what He had in store for me. Since that time He has been making a way. Since that time He has been preparing me. He led me to my mentor, Julie, and my Father knew best when He paired me with her. I, not only endured but thrived last year 2007, when my mom was fighting Stage 3 breast cancer, and He changed my heart regarding the future He has for me. I wasn't exactly excited about it, but now I have a passion for it, but it still isn't time. I have to wait. Sometimes I don't like to wait (oh, who am I kidding?) -- I don't like to wait, but what I have discovered during this period of time is when He is making the way. He's clearing the way. Less work for me to do. Less hassle to deal with. Right now, He's making a way to my future. I've never written it down. I've never told anyone what God has impressed on my heart as to my future. Part of it has been out of fear, and the other part is because had I written it down before now or said it out loud I would be stepping on some one's toes. I don't believe the latter is the case now. Now it's just out of fear, but I feel I need to claim it in His name and start doing what I can to prepare myself for that future. This morning I called New Orleans Theological Seminary and requested them to send information regarding Women's Ministry Certificate and information regarding their Master's. I believe God is preparing a way for me to be Women's Ministry Leader at my church. My heart says as a full-time position, but that is just another facet I'll have to wait on the Lord. So there. There it is.

I'm use to God giving me messages for others. He has given me the gift of discernment and has on many occasions given me words and directions to others when they made no sense to me at all, but the recipient of the message understood fully. This time the message was for me. It's been for me, and it scares me. That's probably another reason my "professional BE" lost control during my meeting with my pastor regarding women's ministry (see prior blog).

What I can honestly say is that God will be the one opening the doors. He's the one who has made a way. I'm just to be prepared. He put a lot of ideas and concepts on my heart in the early morning hours many months ago. I gave them to my worship pastor, and I have kept a copy of the things He put on my heart. God's timing is perfect. His plan is perfect even when we aren't. And I am going to be ready.

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