Sunday, October 5, 2008

A LIfe Worth Living

When I was in the eighth grade my family changed churches which was not my idea nor my vote. But it was my parents and God was in it. From this change, I became involved in a very active youth group at church. They kept us so busy we didn't have much time to find trouble. While at church I made several good friends, two of which were adopted. Their friendship was no accident. I believe God used them to prepare me and what He had predestined me to be...the mother of two adopted children.

One of those friends was in my wedding and we are still in touch today. As long as I can remember, she has been very affectionate and attentive. She and I use to do a lot together when we were in high school, and while I didn't cry a lot compared to her I cried buckets and streams full of tears. It hasn't been until recently that she finally has found her release valve. After trying to hold it all together using tape, glue, and the staples of life to cope, she finally broke. Everyone has their own issue or weakness. Mine is a mixture of failure and not being accepted. I've done a lot of work with God's direction and help, and even still, they can still raise their ugly heads. I'm so proud of her for going to get help. Too many people in my family choose to self-medicate and attempt to find things that will fix it or fill whatever void there is. The only answer to fixing the problem is to deal with it no matter how painful or unsettling the realities may be, and even then those who may have caused hurt may never take responsibility, and then we have to accept what has been dealt to us and choose how we will live the rest of our lives. For me, I choose to live in the here and now while preparing for the future. No matter how good our life looks from the outside the only one who know what is really going on inside is you and God and only He can heal.

I'm so thankful that He can heal and even more grateful the He wants to heal, so I can choose to live the life worth living in Him. To God be the glory.

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Leebird said...

I'm proud of me, too. I can't wait for Tuesday at 5:00 to get here. Thank you for your support and understanding. You know me well. Maybe better than I do. ;)