Sunday, October 19, 2008

Chapter 5 Ms Spirituality

I have an uncle who said he use to not go to church because of all the hypocrits. My daddy's response was church is where hypocrits belong along with sinners of all other sorts. I think sometimes we get distracted and make calls about someone else and their behaviors when in reality their actions and attitudes really aren't any of my business. As I tell my girlfriend, "If it aint' yo' baby to rock, then don't rock it," and someone else's intimacy with God ain't my baby to rock, that is God's and that persons. When I go to church, when I go to worship, when I go to lead, I am responsible for me and what is in my heart and what my life is reflecting. Am I responsible for encouraging others in their Christian walk? Am I responsible for sharing God's love to others? Am I responsible for inviting others to church or lead them to God? Of course. But it is not my responsibility to judge whether or not they are where they are suppose to be spiritually.

I have to have faith that God is on His throne and is in control. Currently, there is a lady I know who is preventing the work of God being done even though she tries to appear righteous and spiritual. To the contrary, she's divisive and manipulative. Those who put on a spiritual cloak appear to be hiding things, and it my nature and what I do for a living (to investigate) to see to the heart of a matter. But this isn't my baby to rock. It's God's. My responsibility -- pray. Pray for her. Pray for her pastor.

For me this chapter is more about self-reflection, what are my motives for doing, for serving? It's about what I can testify to in my life showing that God is actively participating in it. It's about the depth of my faith and the roots or source of it. If I can't say that God has done something recently in my life and what I learned from it or how I grew from it, I need to ask myself "Why?" I feel my first place of service and ministry is in my home, and I have to say I struggle. There are just times I want to commence with the "laying on of the hands" :> when I'm dealing with my children as opposed to doing what is best for them in the long haul and parenting creatively. (My sister and I also use the "Rapture and Transformation" form of discipline when we are out in public. Our children are raptured to another room for the transformation of their behavior!) I'm not always the supportive and encouraging spouse. I know I'm not anywhere close to perfect and this is where my flaws are most evident. Thankfully, my heavenly Father is patient and kind and forgiving, and my family knows that I make mistakes and that I can apologize and learn from mistakes.

Ministry outside my home is easy for me -- I know my motives are right and it is truly with a servant heart that I do them, but the ministry in my home can be quite tedious and tiresome. I don't want to have the appearance of Ms. Spirituality. I want my children and husband to see my depth, my love, my devotion on a daily basis.

But the bottom line for spirituality is the relationship. How is my relationship with Jesus? Mine is a work in progress. I'm thankful He's patient and consistent and faithful -- all things I struggle with in my relationship with Him.

In my prior blog titled "Be" talks a lot more about the different faces and the art of just being. Being who God wants us to be day in and day out...and more than appearing spiritual, this is who I want to be.


Lelia Chealey said...

the ministry in my home can be quite tedious and tiresome.

Thanks for your honesty! Wow is all I can say here because outside...I can put on that face and make it all look so good while inside my home my family sees the real me. Poor things.


Anonymous said...

You are so right about the ministry inside the home being tougher than ministry outside (at least most of the time...)

It is hard for me to say that the things I do for my family are out of a "servants heart" most of the time... a lot of times it is because I just "have" to do what I have to do, it is expected... the kids need feeding, the clothes need washing, the floor needs scrubbing, and in the midst of it all, the kids and husband are getting grumpiness, and frustration thrown at them... it's not out of a servants heart i am doing those things at times... it is because i know that is what is expected of me as a mom and wife... and they get the attitude, the real heart reflection of what is going on inside. And this isn't even thinking about what I am supposed to do as a CHRISTIAN wife and mom!
Thanks for showing me this... i have a lot to chew on, and haven't yet gotten to doing my post. I needed to read others thoughts first. Mine weren't coming together.
God bless...

Cindy said...

Great post. Your honesty within it.

It seems you have been able to learn what so many of us struggle with, just being who God created you to be.

Blessings, Cindy

Kim@Seasons of My Heart said...'ve given MUCH to chew on...and yes, it's ALL about my relationship with him.

Bless your heart for being so open and honest.

Anonymous said...

This was such a buzz to read... I'm out at the clothesline this afternoon bringing the clothes in, and I was just thinking over this chapter, and then suddenly - SLAP, like I got hit in the forehead... The thought? "NEVER MIND WHAT GOES ON WHEN YOU'RE OUT AND ABOUT. IT'S HOME WHERE YOU NEED TO BE REAL"... Seriously! Then ofcourse, as quick as the thought hits me, it's gone, and I'm occupied with all that happens to get children sorted before bed(!!!), and so your wonderful post reminded me of the what I believe was God's message. Thank you! I'll go and reflect on this, I think!!! Thank you again. Bless your heart!

Laura said...


How do I get to your "BE" blog? Sounds good.

I love your saying, "...if it ain't your baby to rock..." That's telling like it is in a simple kinda way. Love it!

Tend our own hearts, and pray for the others? Yes, this is good. I know there are times we need to confront, but I need to pray about it first. I've been wrong about many things...

Pamela (MrsJoeB) said...

The thought of preceiving ones self as spiritual only to be a hinderance to God's work is really a scary thought. I pray we all avoid that in our faith journey!
Thanks for sharing!

In His Graces~Pamela

Anonymous said...

It is so sad that the people we love the most get the worst parts of us isn't it??

Love this: "I want my children and husband to see my depth, my love, my devotion on a daily basis."

I agree with Heather-the "servants heart" thing is rarely my motive--I need to work on that.

have a great week,

HIS Daughter said...

Thank you for your honesty! I stayed home with my two children until both were out of elementary school and then I worked so I could be home when they were.

Sounds idyllic and godly...but when they were growing up and only 2 years apart...It was not spiritual I felt even if i read my Bible very early.

It was hard for me. I had the daughter that would make James Dobson give his career up for and I found it must easier to be spiritual at church where everyone thought I was just wonderful....

Makes me wonder now what GOD thought...I think I know..


Leebird said...

I here you cluckin' chicken....and I'm cluckiin' right along with you.

Cliff told me the other day that sometimes he feels that he and the boys get the leftovers with me. That cut me to the quick. I have been much more conscious of how I treat them since.

I'm so glad you decided to stick with the study and the blogging...I hope you are enjoying the connections with women from all over. I just love all those chicks! And, of course, I adore you.

And...thanks for the email you sent me on facebook...I hear you..and God is changing my mind and heart...slowly, but surely. more thing....I love anything your daddy says, so I'm glad you quoted him! That man makes my heart warm up like hot chocolate just thinking of him! :)

Carol said...


This was great. I think we all relate to this one. I am totally loose my spiritual side while working on home work with my girl. Why is it that all the frustrations of the day end up being let out at home.

It's been something both hubby and I've been working on. Thank you for your post, and I got a chuckle about your Rapture Transformation Discpline comment too.


Lisa said...

I love your thoughts and the fact that the chapter was a source of self-reflection for you. My prayer is that the words in the book cause us ALL to take a long, hard look at ourselves and then ask God what HE thinks about our service, our motives, our heart. His opinion of us is what matters.

You're so right. It's about the relationship. It's about prayer.

Thank you for your mature and insightful thoughts!

Much love,
Lisa :)

Pat's Tuesday said...


I am gonna to adopt your saying "If it ain't your baby to rock don't rock it" Your reminder was so much gentle then God's can be when I get judgemental. I am so glad you joined this study. I haven't gone back and read all your post but I will later this week.