Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Dr. Dobson's child

If you've ever wondered if God has a sense of humor or not, you only have to visit my home and my family. Because to genetically not be my children, I might as well have shot them out of the hatch myself. I believe our daughter is about to be diagnosed as having ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder), and I was diagnosed in seventh grade as having ADHD (a derivative of ADD, but just add a good helping of hyperactivity to bless you). My son is the answer to my mother's prayer. You know the one. "God, please give her at least one child like her." That prayer is often said in the thralls of exacerbation and exhaustion. Apparently, my mom prayed it frequently because God has given me Dr. Dobson's strong-willed child. Second to my mom's Bible was her book by Dr. Dobson. Both were highlighted and dogeared. I now have my own copy of that book and have read it twice. I'm about to start high-lighting and dog-earring the pages.

I had to go to the preschool today. It was the second day this week I had gotten "THE" call, and I told Pearce he would see my face if I got that second call. I couldn't let him down. When I arrived at daycare, he had, had plenty of time to think about my appearing. He is so relentless, persistent and stubborn, and I know that one day God will use them to His glory, but for right now, dear Jesus, help me! I have tried rewards, punishment, discipline, time-outs (where he thinks of more he can do), and spankings. When his anger gets the best of him and he loses control, we put him in what we call "the hold." When I was in junior high and high school, I worked with a little girl who had cerebral palsy, and in order for her to be down on the floor with the other children, I would have to sit like an Indian and put her feet between my legs. This stabilized her legs so they wouldn't flop around. Then I crossed her arms in front of her and held them close to her body until it was time for us to move them (hit a ball, pick up an object, etc.). I found this hold is very effective with Pearce, and it allows him to get his anger out and gets his fight out. He'll try to buck and fight and that's when I have to hold tighter. He knows he controls how loose or how tight everything is. When he regains control of himself the hold on him is looser, but by then he's exhausted (and so am I).

I know this is but for a season in my life. Before I know it he will be up and gone. My prayer for Pearce is that he learns to have a teachable and moldable spirit, that his anger works against him and will learn to use his words and not his actions when he is angry, that God will give us the wisdom we need to raise a godly man who is destined to be a leader, and that Pearce will choose God's way, always doing his best.

UGGGHHH!!!! Thank God, He made him so darn cute. Thank you, Lord, we can afford to send our children to a Christian school. Thank you, God, for wonderfully making Pearce.

I'm taking Erin to see her psych nurse today. We saw her counselor last week and will see him again tomorrow. I'm praying for an accurate diagnosis. Up until now, we have been having to work on symptoms because Erin hadn't matured to an age for us to really see and understand what is going on with her, and while we still don't know or understand it all, I do believe we are closer. I'm praying the proper diagnosis will lead us to the correct medication and compensatory skills, so Erin will be able to function and succeed. She has such a sweet heart and loves to tell others about Jesus. I know He has a special purpose for her.

My prayer for Erin is she will know exactly how wonderful she is and that she is wonderful because God made her so, that she will see her value is from God, that she will accept His love as it is -- pure and without condition, that she will learn to be a truthful and honest young lady, and that she will try to do her best in all things and giving God the glory.

Thank you, God, for a beautiful day -- light breeze, golden leaves floating to the ground, branches swaying, squirrels scampering, birds singing. This is the day the Lord has made. Let us rejoice in it.


Laura said...

I love reading about your parenting challenges because you have such the right perspective! Immediately you pray for each child and the specific concern, and you praise God for the special qualities of each little person. You are an awesome mommy! God has blessed your children when He made them for you.

Leebird said...

I never did tell you what "Mrs. Hughes" told me about your oldest when I know after the long-term sub job. I'll email you.

You are a wonderful momma...

Sharon said...

Wow you are truly experiencing the challenges as a parent, but I know with God's strength and Love and as you pray you will make it through it all.
You are a AWESOME Mom!!
would love to come back and visit

HIS Daughter said...

Thank you Kristy for checking on me.
I was way, way down with the chemo sick, yuk and hanging on to my GOD and crying alot.

HE doesn't fail me even when I'm thinking HE is.

You hang in there with those two GOD gave you. I know about the strong willed child - my daughter.
She is amazing now on her own - not a believer, but when GOD times her moment of coming to HIM, she is going to be a force for HIS kingdom and glory!

Praying for you, Sister,