Sunday, November 16, 2008

The Devil Doesn't Wear Prada. He wears 4T and He's Sitting at My Dining Table Burping

I adore my children. Love them with every fiber of my being. We worked so hard to become parents and are truly rewarded with some beautiful children. And while my title is very tongue in cheek, there are times when I do pray the blood of the cross from the top of his beautiful, black curly-haired head to the bottom of his stinky, size 10 1/2 feet. My husband truly has little to no patience with Pearce's strong-willed nature. Patrick was raised with yelling, and yelling is not only unacceptable it's ineffective. So, he is learning some new techniques but still sometimes falls back into his old ways.

So, that leaves it to me to handle most of Pearce's discipline. Toe-to-toe. Bullhead to bullhead. When he's good, I am sure to praise. I took the kids to target to get their Christmas pictures made, and they did so well, and on the way home from the back seat of the car, I hear Pearce say, "We were just little angels." After I regained my composure, I whole-heartily agreed.

I was pregnant with Pearce in my heart from January of 2002 till his delivery on August 27, 2004. Most women have about a 9 month pregnancy, but I knew about Pearce in January of 2002. I was sitting at a girlfriend's funeral of all places, and they quoted Anna Jo's life verse, Jeremiah 29:11. That still quiet voice said to me this was to be the life verse of my next child. Erin had just turned one, and I was having so much fun with her that I really didn't want to even think of another child and told God in essence, "no thank you." After AJ's funeral that verse became an active part in my life. Every time I followed God's lead about adopting again, the verse was quoted by someone, used in a sermon, came up in my devotional...some way God was always giving me confirmation through this verse.

My husband was totally against adopting again. Erin was old enough and pushing heavily for a baby sister Sarah. I just followed God's will and Patrick reluctantly and often times kicking like a two-year old came along. When the social worker came to our home, Erin insisted she give the tour of the house and told the social worker that one bed in her room was hers and the other was her baby sister's bed. When the social worker suggested she may have a baby brother, Erin became rather emphatic that she would have her baby sister named Sarah. While Sarah is a perfectly lovely name, it's not one we would have chosen...there are a lot of Sarah's at our church.

My sweet Pappaw had a aorta hernia. He was 81. He had surgery and never came out of a coma. But faithfully, I went to the hospital every morning before being at work at 7 AM to exercise Pappaw's legs and arms, and I'd talk to him telling everything that was going on, and then I'd go back at lunch to do the same. Sometimes I threatened to paint his toes "Hortense Red" if he didn't wake up. When I knew that Pappaw wouldn't be leaving the hospital in August of 2003, I told him to tell Jesus to send me a baby boy. I wanted a baby boy. I told him on several occasions.

In May or June of 2004, I knew. I knew we would have a boy even though we weren't matched. I started buying baby boy stuff...I couldn't help myself. We were matched with a b-mom that we met with, but whom went MIA (missing) shortly thereafter, and while I wasn't devastated like I thought I would be, I was fine with it. We had talked to another b-mom and she said she was going to choose us to adopt her 10 month old, but we got the call from the agency that she had chosen someone else. Daggers in my heart. That sent me to the sofa for the weekend of August 27, 2004, my parent's anniversary weekend. The Monday following they wanted me to talk to another b-mom, and I just didn't have it in my but did it anyway. It was on Wednesday that we got the call we had been selected to be the parents to a Hispanic baby boy born on August 27th, my parent's anniversary and the b-mom's birthday. His b-mom's Sarah. I DO NOT BELIEVE IN COINCIDENCE AT ALL. THIS WAS ALL GOD.

Women who are able to give birth to their children never have to wonder, "Is this my kid?" "Is this the one who is to be my baby, my child?" Children who are adopted, their stories tend to start way ahead of conception. Some of the parties may not be fully aware of all the events surrounding it, but God is steadily working His will in our lives.

BTW, one year from the date of my Pappaw's funeral, I placed Pearce into my Mammaw's arms for the first time, and it was the first time I had told her what I had done. I believe God is in control. I believe that nothing catches Him by surprise, and I believe that God doesn't waste anything.

So, while I may say my little devil wears a size 4T please understand, he's my little devil. He's charming, intelligent, beautiful, funny, inquisitive, perplexing, honery and cantankerous, but he's worth every minute of it.

He just got out of bed and walked into the den. "Mommy, I'm sorry for my behavior." "Thank you, babe. I appreciate that, " I say. "I'll see you in the morning then," he states. "Yes you will. Yes you will." Maybe something I'm doing is sticking. Maybe something we're doing is working on his little heart and mind, but one thing I do not doubt is God chose me to be His mother knowing since I had been an ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder), strong-willed child I was up for the task.

Please, Lord, help me to be the mother Pearce needs me to be. Help Him to see You through me.


Leebird said...

He is seeing Jesus in you, and he is absolutely precious even though he doesn't like me! :)

Paula (SweetPea) said...

This is beautiful. I loved reading this. I loved how all the dates lined up...the day you were informed was also your parent's anniversary and b-mom's bday. The b-mom's name, all the turn downs prior to the selection. I believe God allows so many closed doors prior to an open door for so many reasons...many we may not know but many for our benefit...learning and growning.

Yes, I believe you are making way...and will continue to do as you lead as a godly example. Trust Him and He'll continue to make such growth spurts in your children.

Laura said...


I'm just catching up (behind as usual) and read this and your last post all at once. They both made me cry! You, friend, have been a blessing. The story of your children and the way you share about them always moves and inspires. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Our Bible study has been such a blessing because of the women like you it led me to.
I'm keeping tabs on you!

Anonymous said...

Oh, this post is an amazing read! I so love the way God works things out, so that we can SEE Him working. Truly precious!