Saturday, January 24, 2009

Where the Spirit of the Lord Is...

there is freedom -- that is very true. Our pastor is teaching on prophesy and the end signs, and it has been so rich and so good and educational, but it has provoked Satan as I knew it would. He seeks whom he may devour. He has been roaming throughout our church for the past couple of weeks reeking havoc and mayhem. Pastor Rick has a 90 days focus for those who lead in Sunday school or other areas where we are going to be reaching out and ministering more than ever before, and we have missions conference during that time too. We have the Beth Moore Bible study on Esther. There are so many rich, growth opportunities in the next several months, and it is guaranteed to stir the embers of spiritual warfare.

My prayer is that everything will encourage Christians to entrench themselves in the Word, be diligent and on their guard, to reach out when the Spirit leads, and to forgive as the Bible instructs.

We had 40 women show for the Monday night Esther Bible study and 25 for the Tuesday morning. Great turnout, and we had a group from the church out of town, so there will be more next week.

I pray that God will remove any doubts any might have about participating. I pray that God will remove any and all obstacles to their attendance and to their doing their daily Bible study. I pray that God will move mightily among the members of our church and spark a revival. I pray that God will put a hedge of protection around our church leadership and their families along with protection of my family as well. For we fight against principalities and He has already overcome.
Thank you, Lord for being the Victor, our champion. Amen.


Laura said...

I'm praying for you all to be fortified in His Word, Kristy. It sounds like amazing things going on there. Hope the Beth Moore study is going well. We are really enjoying ours.

Sending love,

Laura said...

Kristy==How are you, friend? Just checking in on you...

Laura said...

Hey, Kristy! I was so glad to receive your message. We just finished the "Mean girls" video on friday. I am really enjoying this study. I'm so glad that our prayers were answered about your study and things are going well.

Thinking of you!