Monday, December 8, 2008

Esther in Exile

While I'm reading Charles Swindoll's book, Esther was in exile. I don't why I didn't see that before other than maybe God didn't want me to see it until now. Exile. Banished. There were Jews who had returned home, but Mordecai and Esther remained exiled. It doesn't say why they didn't return specifically. I guess the why isn't what's important. Have you ever felt in exile? Like God has put you on some island and has said He'll get back to you. Shoot, maybe he hasn't even said that. He just put your tiny hiney on an island away from comfort, from peace, from the things you know...maybe it's a new job, a new location, a situation at work or school that has made you the odd man/woman out. I am one of those weird ones that finds change invigorating. My husband detests and loathes any change whatsoever. But there's a difference between a voluntary change and being forced into an uncomfortable position. Esther was in exile. God could have returned her to her people and her home land. He could have saved her parents. He could have done a lot of things, and if I were Esther, I'd have to wonder where in the world He was in the midst of all the pain and changes forced on me. But He chose to leave her in exile. Why? His plans are not our plans. His ways are higher than our ways. He was preparing a way to save His people once again. Regardless, exile isn't a place I'd like to vacation or spend time in. If you are in exile or feel like you are in exile, be on guard. God's always at work, and it could be He's getting ready to use you. Are you ready?

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Laura said...

I have been there, Kristy!It is a very difficult place to be for sure. but looking back, I learned so much from my times of exile. I'm going to enjoy following you through this stuff! You already get the good teacher award for preparing so well!