Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas Exhaustion

I love Christmas. I truly do. I am so thankful to celebrate Christmas in liberty not only in the US but in Christ. But even in keeping everything in perspective, after the candlelight service, opening presents at Honey and Poppar's house, the three gifts at our home, Santa Clause this morning, brunch with Patrick's family, we all came promptly home to take a nap. I rarely nap but my body forced me to. I couldn't have done one more thing, and we still have one more Christmas celebration to go...25 people at my house tomorrow afternoon for turkey, ham and the fixings with my mom's side of the family. We do white elephants for the adults and considering the warpedness of this group it is a scary prospect...I'm planning on donating a bowling ball. Then there is the free-for-all with the little kids and their presents. There will be more mass chaos, laughter, one long-distance call from Hawaii to a cousin and wife who couldn't make it in, wrapping paper balls thrown up into the fan, and all sorts of goofiness. Patrick will miss it this year. He is leaving early in the morning for a fishing trip on the border with three of his buddies with my blessing.

The best present for me this year was watching my son and daughter's faces at the Christmas Eve service when not only Santa was present but ELVIS in a little drama about the true meaning of Christmas. They were so attentive. Their sweet little faces hearing about the nativity. My second favorite was to see Pearce laying down in the spoils of Honey's house trying to make "snow" angels from all the tissue and wrapping paper that had been discarded on the floor, and then it would have to be how excited Erin was for everyone when they opened a present, especially her cousins. You would have thought the gift was hers. Then there is the picture in my head of Pearce and Patrick racing cars on the race track just to see them go flying off when going to quickly around the curves or not fast enough around the loops. We practice the three gift principle in our home. If Jesus received three gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh, we can receive three gifts too. The kids get three nice presents from Santa with stocking stuffers and three gifts from me and Patrick. Now, their Honey, on the other hand, tends to go overboard, but that is a grandparent's prerogative.

Now, there is silence. Patrick and Pearce are outside. Patrick is getting ready for his trip. He's so excited, he can barely stand it, and the Lord only knows what Pearce is into, but he's in his father's domain now. We surprised Patrick this year with gift cards to Ranchland and he got some really nice boots. Erin is in her room playing with her American Girl doll bed and other accessories but is ready to play on the computer to enroll her new Webkinz.

Before supper, we will get our baby Jesus out and put Him into our nativities around the house, since this is the day He was born...helps to refocus our thoughts on the true meaning of Christmas. Little reminders are good for all of us.

Thank you, Holy Father for such a Holy Night all those years ago. Knowing the pain and humiliation You would suffer you still submitted yourself to human limitations all because You love me even back then. Merry Christmas to all.