Friday, January 2, 2009

A 2*4 to the head

A meeting arranged solely by God happened today, and I was allowed to take part. Isn't it awesome when two or more are gathered in His name there He will be also? It doesn't matter whether you are in church, some one's home, a restroom, a restaurant, anyplace you can have a conversation...there He can show up. Today, it happened in Chilli's. A most enchanting lady met me to talk about a program that God had laid on my heart for young girls. She had a similar program she had created herself because of her heart for children. We began with this common thread, and we began revealing the blessings that God has poured out on each of us. We couldn't help but tear up when we spoke of how God had been faithful when we hadn't always felt like it. We noted how there had been times when we had been angry with God and yet He was closer still. It was comforting and encouraging to talk to a sister in Christ and hear of how God brought her through a very difficult time in her life. Like me, she wondered why we are so surprised how perfectly God's timing is and how He knows what is needed or required before we do. Why is that? He has proven Himself over and over again, and yet we are surprised.

As I said at first, God arranged this meeting. He wanted me to meet this lady, but not for the reason I thought. I believe a beautiful friendship has begun, and I believe God put her in my path because she is suppose to play a part in our Beth Moore's Bible study on Esther. I think she has a testimony that the women need to hear. Sometimes God hits me with a 2*4 like today, but sometimes He's more subtle. I'm thankful for the 2*4s. It's refreshing when God puts something so obvious it can't be denied. So often we search for "signs"and hints from God but often times we miss the most blatant of communication. There is no such thing as coincidence. God is not a God of accidents waiting to happen. He is God on purpose and a God who's always on time.


Laura said...

Wow, Kristy. Truly a divine meeting, it sounds like! I know your Bible study is going to be awesome! We will start our Esther study on Friday, and I can't wait.So many bloggy buddies are doing it as well, it will be a great sharing experience.

BTW--I am on FAcebook, but don't spend a lot of time on there. I would love to be your friend. I tried to find you, but didn't have enough information. Look for me on the Charleston, WV network.


HIS Daughter said...

I am so glad you are going to be doing Esther at your church! I can read along at your blog as well!!

Mine is very small..just the pastor's wife, her 25 year old daughter, my 24 year old daughter in the faith and maybe one other lovely lady.

GOD is awesome with the 2 by 4 thing isn't HE? I got hit with one tonight...and if you really take a moment everyday and look back - you will see how HE uses all things...for our good and HIS ultimate glory!

I'm always amazed like Thomas (you know the doubting one). I need to just believe and never doubt. I pray that my faith will increase more and more through this story of GOD'S providence and our divine destiny!

Love and prayers,

Deanna said...

just blog browsing this evening.... nice to meet you. I love "God appointments" like you described at Chili's! How neat!

I saw your pictures on your sidebar--- what a beautiful family the Lord put together!! He is so good!!

Blessings, Deanna